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The Trouble With Jessica (2024)

Année de production: 2024
Nationalité: Grande-Bretagne
Durée: 1h 30min
Réalisé par: Matt Winn
Langues: Français
"The Trouble With Jessica" is a film directed by Matt Winn. The story revolves around a woman named Jessica who seems to always find herself in problematic situations. Despite her best intentions, she constantly finds herself getting into trouble, both personally and professionally.

Jessica's knack for attracting chaos is showcased through a series of interconnected comedic incidents. From embarrassing mishaps at work to chaotic love affairs, Jessica's life is a constant rollercoaster ride. As the story progresses, Jessica realizes that she needs to confront her own insecurities and make some changes in order to break free from the cycle of misfortune.

With the help of her supportive friends and family, Jessica embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, she learns valuable lessons about self-acceptance, taking risks, and embracing imperfections. As Jessica begins to find her own voice and stand up for herself, she starts to transform her life for the better.

"The Trouble With Jessica" is a lighthearted comedy filled with relatable and humorous moments. It explores themes of self-confidence, growth, and finding one's place in the world. Through Jessica's misadventures, the film aims to entertain audiences while also delivering a positive message about self-love and personal growth.

The Trouble With Jessica (2024) streaming VF

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